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tam's pizzeria
SCP-500 is coming soon

The developers of SCP:SL has finally given in to the voice of the community and are adding SCP-500 into the game.
This will definitely help combat cancerous behavior and deafness due to Soviet anthems being played aggressively over the facility intercom.

Is that one russian kid on the radio bringing you excruciating mental pain? Look no further, pop an SCP-500 and your problems will be no more.

What we expect to see in the future

Let's face it; as the risk of getting cancer from players decrease, SCP-500 won't be of much use anymore. Seeing SCP-1025 added seems like a no-brainer.
Perhaps we would also see the introduction of a whole new gameplay mechanic where SCP-500 will be introduced as a playable character? At this point, it's hard to say anything for certain. But we do know something big is DEFINITELY in the works over at Hubert's garage.

Tam, 04.05.2018