tam's pizzeria
tam's pizzeria
Summer Solstice Celebration at the Beach!


The heat is on, and the facility invites all its Inabitants to the beach for a Summer Solstice bash!

It looks to us as a summer party like no other! They got beach balls, sunshine, and of course - pizza!


D-Boy Summer Party Spirit
Watch out! The sun is not the only thing that's hot - SCPs are on the loose, and they love a good barbecue!
** Strange sightings on the beach! **

In recent days, the beaches around the facility has been filled with both scientists and Class-D personell. We speculate that this is a new form of public testing of some sort of new experimental drug. The scientists has been spotted giving out bottled liquid they have referred to as "Beer" to the others on the beach.

Is this a new mindcontrol ploy by the facility management? We will have to see, as the beach "party" is still going on. This is the third conceccutive day they have been at it, so there must be a bigger picture...

Here is the schedule for the alledged summer celebration:
  • 14.06 - Facility decoration preparations begin, NTF airdrops beach balls and umbrellas

  • 15.06 - Chaos Insurgency arrives with the Ice Cream Truck

  • 16.06 - Facility manager ████ Ar. Korat hosts a beach volleyball tournament

  • 17.06 - Assistant Lieut. ████ K. Evtonped seminar concerning water gun safety

  • 18.06 - Yearly sandcastle building contest

  • 19.06 - Open day, free summer pizza will be served

  • 20.06 - Summer Solstice Party! Commander ████ B. Obbas lights the bonfire

  • 21.06 - Back to work! But with a sun-tan and memories of a great party

A note from the 05 council:

We at the Pizzeria wish you a sunny and fun-filled summer! Thanks for being a part of our vibrant community.
The Pizzeria thrives because of you, and we're thrilled to celebrate this season with you all.

Stay tuned for more antics and delicious pizza!

-05 Council.

Summer Party Spirit
In other news

Breaking news! The Foundation settles massive deal with vehicle factory.

Take a look at the foundation's new standard landcruiser ATV!

Evan, 09.06.2023