tam's pizzeria
tam's pizzeria
The Pizzeria celebrates Christmas!


It's that time of year again and the Pizzeria invites all its regular customers for a celebration!

The facility invites you and your friends for some well deserved christmas cookies, presents and fun!


DBoy Christmas Spirit
Beware, santa's workers has had enough and are roaming the facility tirsty for blood.

Here is the schedule for the holidays:
  • 22.12 - Facility decoration preparations begin, NTF airdrops equipment

  • 23.12 - Chaos Insurgency arrives with the Polar Express

  • 24.12 - Day Off! Go home and celebrate!

  • 25.12 - Facility manager ████ Ar. Korat does his yearly speech, christmas tree is lit

  • 26.12 - Gift giving and opening session

  • 27.12 - Assistant Lieut. ████ K. Evtonped seminar concerning elevator grenade safety

  • 28.12 - Yearly snowman building contest

  • 29.12 - Open day, free christmas pizza will be served

  • 30.12 - 05 representatives does an appearance and congratulates the Pizzeria

  • 31.12 - Fireworks show! Commander ████ B. Obbas puts on the best display

  • 01.01 - Back to work!

A note from the 05 council:

All the staff from the Pizzeria wish you happy holidays and hope you've enjoyed your stay this far!
The Pizzeria is purely community-driven and would not exist if it weren't for you guys. It's an honour to be apart of it all.

Stay tuned for more shennanigans and pizza!

-05 Council.

Christmas D Boy
In other news

This just in!

Freak Cake Monster destroys site 41. Unknown SCP ingredients involved.

Recipe and instructions on how to make one yourself will follow in the coming days!

Evan, 22.12.2020