tam's pizzeria
tam's pizzeria
Facility janitor overdoses on keycards

This tuesday, the lifeless body of on-site janitor Pete ████ was found in a pile of various keycards outside the gates of SCP-914's containment unit.
Upon inspecting the body, the cause of death was initially a huge puzzle for the science personnel. However as every possible cause of death were ruled out as time passed It became more and more evident that this was the first ever recorded case of a keycard overdose, thought to be physically impossible without interference from ███████.

Researchers' opinions have earlier been split about the possibility of overdosing on keycards, however it has since been proved that no interference from ███████ had taken place as it was still securely contained within its chamber. Unless SCP-914 was involved, and had given the keycards anomalous properties, it would suggest that previous theories are incorrect and that an overdose is quite possible within the constraints of our reality.

Following Pete's death, many employees have voiced their concerns. Questions such as
"Is it safe for me to continue my current consumption of keycards?", "Am I more at risk of overdosing as a Containment Engineer compared to my other fellow scientists?"

As of now, there are no real answers, as the biological mechanisms in play in the case of keycard overdose are largely unknown. In an interview, major scientist Bobbas ████ uttered the following remarks:

"As of now, we can't really say much about this unusual yet highly intriguing occurrence. I know just about as much as everyone else in this place does. However at this point our research suggests that there is a link between keycards upgraded using SCP-914 and the overdosage. Now with that aside, would you like to buy a phone?"

We'll be following this case closely. The article will be updated once new information is available.

Petersons body.