tam's pizzeria
tam's pizzeria
Has science gone too far?

In the newest Open Beta v5.1.0, SCP-106 now excretes major amounts of barbeque sauce upon attacking his enemies. This will be followed up with balance patches as further beta testing continues, but developers promise this will bring lots of entertainment for the players.

In upcoming patches, we expect to see:
  • An added grill to the pocket dimension room

  • A ranged attack for SCP-096, involving hamburger buns

  • CHAOS will in the future always spawn with extra packets of ranch dressing

In other news

The developers have confirmed that in future versions, SCP-106 will have a selection of different flavors of BBQ sauce, to unleash upon his enemies.

Come back next week, where we will cover the secret Pay-2-Win SCP strategies!

Evan, 03.05.2018
bbq boi