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tam's pizzeria
Dreaded ransomware terrorize researchers!

Multiple attempts at recovering SCP-079 prove unsuccessful as ransomware wreaks havoc.
Head scientist Dr. ████ Wilson currently leading investigation concerning events that took place June 8th. 2019

Scientists yet to reaquire control over SCP-079

SCP079 Ransomware

Events of June 8th leading up to the catastrophe:
  • 07:34 AM - Dr. Johnson enters containment chamber for daily inspection

  • 08:01 AM - Guards outside the containment chamber attempts establish communications with Dr. Johnson. All attempts prove unsuccessful

  • 08:18 AM - Head Scientist Dr. Wilson is summoned to open the containment chamber

  • 08:19 AM - As Dr. Wilson & guards enter the chamber, they find Dr. Johnson staring intensively at the screen. Once he realizes he is not alone anymore, he abruptly disconnects the power

  • 08:36 AM - While Dr. Johnson is beeing escorted away for questioning, attempts are made to restore power to SCP-079

  • 08:42 AM - Dr. Wilson successfully restores power to the SCP-079

  • 08:46 AM - Dr. Wilson is faced with a post-boot prompt, displaying a "pirate skull", demanding a ransom of an undisclosed sum to unlock

  • 08:58 AM - Facility manager A. R. Korat is contacted and briefed on the situation

The former Dr. ████ Johnson has been suspended and is currently under investigation. It is belived that he was using SCP-079 for his own personal gain, which is strictly prohibited in the facility.
Investigators are yet to uncover how SCP-079 was infected, but they suspect shady gambling sites or downloading of adult content, or both.

The 05 council is yet to deceide the fate of Dr. Johnson

In other news

MegaPatch 2 confirmed to be delayed due to Hubert's RedBull addiction. Devs are yet to figure out how to handle the situation

Make sure to tune in next week, as we uncover the terrifying secrets in the developer's basement!

Evan, 12.07.2019